The Hryniewicz Effect spawns three-way clash of the titans!

Four tweets about my new blog in 24 hours! Honestly, I’ve never lived at this speed.

This is just a quick update to my post about The Hryniewicz Effect, after two other heavyweights – editorialgirl (Emma Jones) and ChrisUnitt – added their considerable clout to proceedings.

A few hours after I published my post yesterday afternoon, I was delighted to discover (while dangerously glued to my iPhone in Tesco’s car park) that editorialgirl had very kindly tweeted about it, which subsequently led to dancingwombat (Alex Hryniewicz) following suit, and then Chris Unitt shortly after that.

With over 1600 Twitter followers between them, this influential trio had an even greater effect on my blog stats, which is best illustrated with yet another graph:

WordPress blog stats 190509

Thanks to their kind support, visits to my blog on Tuesday had crept over the one hundred mark by the time the witching hour rolled around.

In my little world, it’s been a most thrilling couple of days. However, I must now return to reality…and the impending slide in [blog] visitor numbers. The climb was exhilarating; the fall will be hard.

On a final note, I think I’m going to stick with The Hryniewicz Effect to describe any future spikes in blog visitors as a result of tweeting, or indeed any other manner of linking to (or sharing) blog posts. For one, I can now spell Alex’s surname off the top of my head without constantly getting confused about the order of the ‘y’ and the ‘r’. And also, it’s a foreign surname that has a certain gravitas, like Heimlich (not an ‘effect’, of course, but a manoeuvre).

Oh, by the way, the ubiquitous and prolific Chris Unitt can be found here on the Internet, and blogger and Twittering behemoth, Emma Jones, can be found here. Thanks once again to all.


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