Another stroke of genius from Cassetteboy: The Bladdy Apprentice

The first thing that popped up on Twitter for me this morning (RT’d by @editorialgirl) was a brilliant Apprentice mashup video, which was the fine work of Cassette Boy (Steve Warlin and Michael Bollen). At just over six minutes long, the video consists of material from 43 episodes of The Apprentice and apparently took months to edit together. However, it was definitely worth all the effort. It’s quite simply the funniest thing I’ve seen on You Tube for ages. 

Had I been eating my morning cereal at the time of watching, I have no doubt that the circuitry of my laptop would’ve fried as a half-chewed slurry of Sultana Bran spewed from my mouth onto the keyboard (and maybe came down my nose). A lot of people have been throwing around the words “comedy” and “genius”, which on this occasion is absolutely spot on and fully deserved.

I’m just one of about a bazillion blogs who’ll now have this video embedded. But if I can send my two readers in Cassette Boy’s direction, then my job has been done. Check out their You Tube channel for some of their other work. But for now, just enjoy the brilliance of this latest offering.


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