Confused about the European Elections? Here are some links that might help…

On the eve of tomorrow’s mind-bogglingly confusing European Elections, I thoSubmitting a Voteught I’d get serious for a moment and put together a few useful links so that we can all cram and do our homework the night before we got to the polls. So, here we go:

First off, there are local elections happening tomorrow at the same time as the European elections. The date for the local elections was originally scheduled for May 7th, 2009. However, in an effort to make things slightly more confusing for us all, this was changed last November to June 4th so that everything could happen on the same day. Brilliant.

Local Elections Explained does exactly what it says on the tin, and also provides a list of local authorities currently scheduled to hold elections tomorrow.

I’m not afraid to admit that I feel somewhat confused by the European Elections. In fact, I feel as confused and bewildered as the time I was given the chance to win a summer quiz for my Cub Pack by answering the question: “What’s the capital of France?” (I answered “Italy” and got a wedgie.)

I’ve already Tweeted some of these links, but I found them quite useful in helping my understanding of what it is I’m supposed to be doing tomorrow:

To ease us in gently, the BBC has a useful Q&A on the European Elections. And the About My Vote website has a five-step-guide to voting in person at a polling station (we’ve all likely voted before, but I’m just trying to be thorough!)

The BBC also has a handy map showing the UK’s 12 electoral regions and a list of European Election candidates. A similar list of candidates can also be found on the website of the UK Office of the European Parliament (clicking on your region on this webpage also gives you the option of viewing the list of candidates as either a Word or PDF document, which might be useful if you want to print out a copy of this info).

The BBC (again, god bless them) also has information about the various political groups in the European Parliament, including their political alignment (centre-left, centre-right, left-wing, right-wing, reverse cowgirl etc) and what they stand for. They also have a comprehensive party-by-party guide to the parties and independent candidates standing in England, Scotland and Wales in the European elections. I found this guide really useful, as it summarises the policies and prospects of each party, and also states the European Parliament group to which they belong (details of these groups can be found in the first link in this paragraph).

Does that give everyone enough useful places to go and gen up on this whole European Election thing? I hope so.

As a final point, I’m sure many people are thinking of using the local and European Elections as a chance to give a bloody nose to the main political parties, whose error-prone (no, let’s just say “greedy”) MPs have had their noses practically welded to the trough of taxpayers money for many years.

A protest vote is fine, just as long as it doesn’t push the door open (any further) for the British National Party. In the wake of the MPs expenses scandal, Nick Griffin and his party of dangerous idiots seem to think that they’re on the verge of something great. They genuinely believe that a disillusioned and incensed electorate will see the BNP as a viable alternative to the main parties, which is a truly terrifying prospect.

It’s hardly headline news that the BNP can count among its ranks a fair share of racists and extreme right-wing nut-jobs. However, everyone should take the time to read this Guardian article about the views held by some of its MEP candidates. The BNP can’t really hide what they’re really about. But they’re giving it a damn good try.

Anyway, serious stuff over with. I hope this post has been helpful (if only a little bit). Happy voting!



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6 responses to “Confused about the European Elections? Here are some links that might help…

  1. nick lockey

    Cheers for this Toots, I really did find it useful. I was a bit bewildered by the European stuff before but this has helped me get my head around it a bit better. Guess you could call this PSB (public service blogging!). Keep up the good work

  2. andytoots

    Cheers, Lockey.

    I’m really pleased you found this post useful. I quite enjoyed my foray into PSB! I’m determined to know my onions before I step into that voting booth tomorrow (but I’ll probably have to go through all those links again first. Bugger).

  3. Thanks for this. Been trying to google through endless scandal stories to find information on candidates.

    • andytoots

      Hi Louis,

      Glad the post helped a bit with info on the elections. I’ve spoken to lots of people who’ve said that they’ve barely had any information through the door about the European Elections, and haven’t even been canvassed by any of the parties.

      I’ve only received a local election leaflet from the Tories and a vague “election communication” from Labour. Maybe MPs were too scared to go door to door this year? (“If I promise to pay back the taxpayers money I used to buy a mini sauna for the Chaffinches nesting my garden, can I count on your vote?” “No.”)

  4. Rich Payne

    Thanks for this Andy, most useful. Was worried when I entered the polling station this morning to be greeted by a room completely empty apart from one skinhead in big black boots and tight jeans. I’m not one to judge but if forced to guess, I’d speculate we didn’t put our crosses in the same box.

    • andytoots

      Glad it helped, Rich. That skinhead in DM’s probably put a cross in the Green Party box, before returning home to sip nettle tea from his finest china and write in his journal about how he’s tired of being judged on his appearance all the time! He then spends the rest of the day watching his Tribe and Blue Planet box sets on DVD.

      I’m not voting till later (still feel unprepared). Maybe I should scrawl a fake “HAYTE” tattoo across my forehead and see if I’m approached by any BNP tellers at the polling station? It’d be nice to tell them where to go.

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