My #followfriday ‘channel hopping’ video

After my last foray into the world of #followfriday videos on Twitter, I decided to do another one. I subsequently spent several days putting together a ‘channel hopping’ video, where the names of my Follow Friday recommendations were littered throughout random and obscure snippets of TV programmes and films, as if you – the viewer – were aimlessly journeying through hundreds of foreign satellite channels.

As fun as this video was to make, I hold it entirely responsible for frying my laptop. Only three hours after I uploaded the final version to You Tube, the lights went out on my laptop, it was cold the touch, and I haven’t yet been able to revive it. There isn’t so much as a flicker of life. It’s all very sad (and massively inconvenient). 

I originally posted the ‘channel hopping’ video on Twitter on August 7th, which was very kindly retweeted by @danjones101, @Disklabs@editorialgirl, @willowfieldgirl and @Louisewayman (a big thank you to all). And without a laptop to create anything new the following week, I was left with no choice but to post a link to the video once again for the August 14th Follow Friday (as a one-off repeat). After all the work I put into it, I didn’t think a second outing would hurt.

The second time I posted a link to the video on Twitter I was thrilled to get retweeted by @tylermassey, who did so with the verdict: “Fucking BRILLIANT.” Coming from the man who inspired me to do these videos in the first place, it was high praise indeed.

Of course, nothing I do can ever truly compare to what I think is one of the coolest Follow Friday videos ever, which @tylermassey uploaded to You Tube on July 3rd (watch it here…and check out his channel for his other vids). Still, I like to think that my videos are worthy additions to the growing archive of visual #followfridays. So, enjoy!


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