“The aliens are coming!”


Three orange lights travel silently across the sky over Henley-in-Arden (12/09/09).

I went out for a fantastic Thai meal with my girlfriend and her mum and dad tonight, which was absolutely lovely. However, as belt-poppingly amazing as the evening was, it isn’t the reason I’m writing this blog post. Because in spite of the gorgeous food and wonderful company, it was the short walk to the car after the meal that things started to get really interesting.

As we were all walking to the car (up Bear Lane in Henley-in-Arden) we spotted a bright orange light travelling silently across the sky above us. It was significant enough to draw our attention, and we were all baffled as to what it could be. However, what I thought would be a fleeting moment of bafflement – before conversation swiftly returned to the superb Thai meal on which we’d just gorged ourselves – subsequently developed into bewildered excitement, as one…two…three…four orange lights followed silently behind in relatively quick succession.

For the next 10 minutes we all stood in the road, eyes transfixed on the clear night sky, watching several bright orange lights travelling silently overhead, one after the other. (I checked my watch after the sixth light flew over and it was 10:35pm.) All in all, we believe we saw approximately 21 orange lights. My girlfriend’s dad estimated that they were perhaps flying at 1,000ft, but I really couldn’t say. One thing I can say, however, is that they seemed to be travelling at a fair speed, but were completely silent. None of us heard a thing.

To our surprise, at one point, a man pulled up alongside us in a black Audi and announced: “They’ve been coming over all night; all going in the same direction. My mother’s counted around 35. I’m going to follow them.” He then drove off at speed into the night. To be honest, the fact that a complete stranger believed that these lights were something out of the ordinary simply added to the weirdness of the whole situation. It also confirmed that the lights weren’t a side-effect of the Singha beers we’d just drunk. About five minutes later another car drove past us with the windows down, shouting: “The aliens are coming!”

We eventually retreated to our own car and set off for home, while trying to keep our eyes on the 21st orange light as it travelled across the sky above us, eventually flying out of sight.

Unfortunately, all I had with me was my iPhone, which is capable of so much – but taking photos isn’t really its forte. Nevertheless, I snapped away furiously as the orange lights travelled across the sky. Some of the photographic results, while typically inconclusive, are included in this blog post.

Two glowing orange lights fly silently across the sky over Henley-in-Arden.

Two more orange lights (2 of 21) fly silently across the sky over Henley-in-Arden.

I hit Google as soon as I got home and discovered that there have been several sightings of unexplained orange lights in the sky all across the UK over the last few months. The most recent (and relatively local) report ran in the Halesowen News on September 1st. It’s been suggested in some of these news reports that the mysterious orange lights could in fact be Chinese lanterns, which may well be true in some cases (or maybe in all cases).

Whatever we saw flew in a controlled manner across the sky. The orange lights appeared in twos and threes and maintained a perfect distance from each other as they travelled overhead. They were completely silent, moving at speed across the sky, and they didn’t display any blinking or flashing landing lights that one might expect from a conventional aircraft. 

At one point, I could see four orange lights flying into the distance in a near perfect straight line. They can’t possibly have been helicopters. And in my opinion, they were going too fast to be balloons. As has been suggested, it’s conceivable that they could have been sky lanterns. Who knows, maybe they were flying over from a wedding at Henley Golf & Country Club? They did appear to be flying from that general direction.

I’m not saying that I’ve witnessed extraterrestrial guests arriving at Gordon Shumway’s son’s Bar Mitzvah, but I’ve definitely seen several Unidentified Flying Objects. If anyone has seen anything similar (or even saw these very lights over Henley-in-Arden tonight), then by all means drop me a line.



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13 responses to ““The aliens are coming!”

  1. Vicky (@willowfieldgirl)

    Bloody hell. I would have been entranced, but then Close Encounters was always may favorite film as a kid.

    Lets just hope if they *are* coming, they’re more the benevolent, flat-footed, ET type fridge raiders than the death ray toting, human blood leaching tripod masters of WOTW.

    And in the meantime, let me know if you suddenly feel compelled to start sculpting mounds of mashed potato into strange geographical features…

    • andytoots


      I’d quite like Jeff Bridges’ Starman to visit. Anything but a full-scale invasion with death rays and/or enslavement.

      I should inform you that I have already sculpted a mound of mash. But I don’t think we’ve got anything to worry about. I turned the mash into a luxury island for the peas (and the gravy was the sea). I’m pretty sure it doesn’t mean anything.

  2. Vicky (@willowfieldgirl)

    Hmm. I left a comment early but it got sent to the moderator – I think because I said a (very mild!) rude word. Will check back later…

    • andytoots

      Don’t worry, I’m the moderator. You can swear as much as you like on here – it’s my blog! Check this out…“Shitbiscuits!”

      See, we’re all still here.

  3. Vicky (@willowfieldgirl)

    Oh NOW it’s there! OK. Just ignore me. As you were.

  4. Peter Wilson

    Buy a pack of Sky Lanterns, find a clear night, and set them off. No doubt this will confirm what you saw!

    Sky Lanterns DO look amazing when first seen, but once you get used to them and know what they are, they tend to be pretty easy to identify.

    People set them off in batches, or just one after the other, or in single.

    • andytoots

      Hi Peter,

      Watching those lights fly across the sky last night was both exhilarating and bizarre in equal measures. However, I do completely accept that there’s probably a perfectly rational explanation – such as sky lanterns.

      Judging by this video of 40 sky lanterns being released into the night sky (posted on You Tube by a company called ufo-ballons.com!) they certainly look similar to the orange balls of light that we witnessed in Henley-in-Arden the other night. Although, the lanterns in this video move very differently to the lights I witnessed.

      As you will see from the videos of the lanterns being launched, when they take to the sky their flight is quite erratic (they gain altitude, lose altitude, swerve in and out of the paths of other lanterns etc). But the lights we saw last night seemed very controlled. They flew across the sky (at a fair speed) in a very ordered formation. As you can see from the photos in this post, the lights maintained very similar distances between each other during flight, and there was no erratic movement or discernible increase or drop in their altitude.

      Still, I’m perfectly happy to keep and open mind about the whole thing. As I’ve now written in this post, Henley Golf & Country Club is just down the road from where we witnessed the lights so I’m coming round to the idea that a wedding party probably launched a load of lanterns. If nothing else, it’s sort of made me want to look into buying some sky lanterns for my wedding! I’ve got to admit, they look like fun.

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  6. andytoots


    I’m working on the basis that, at some point in the near future, I will be getting married!

  7. tom downing

    i was out shooting with my dad last night and we saw one, it really close up to us… over grendon 27/09/09 there coming or us

    • andytoots

      Hi Tom,

      Thanks for letting me know about your sighting. Seeing as you saw your light really close up, could you identify anything interesting about it? Was it silent? How long did you watch it for?

      My sighting may well have been lanterns that had been launched at intervals. However, I still can’t confirm that. Orange lights in the sky are everywhere at the moment! Very weird.

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