Wot, no blog posts?

If you’re a regular reader of this blog (and I’m hopeful that there are a few) you might have noticed that there’s been a distinct lack of blogging over recent weeks. The reasons, if you’re interested, are as follows:

1) I got Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 for the PS3 a few weeks ago. Recently, whenever there’s been a choice between sitting down quietly and getting some writing done, or, alternatively, trying to quell a childish tantrum while getting butchered in a variety of chaotic, war-ravaged virtual landscapes, the latter has won out.

2) My laptop died a horrible death several months ago, so I’m currently sharing a laptop with my girlfriend. Unfortunately, it’s usually quite late at night before I can get my hands on it, at which point, I usually fall asleep and flood the keyboard with several litres of goopy dribble.

3) There’s not been an awful lot to blog about lately. Work, sleep, work, sleep, work, sleep…well, you get the idea. It just doesn’t make for a very interesting read. (Although, does anything on this blog make for a truly interesting read?)

4) I’m lazy.

 Anyway, if any of you have read the ‘About Me’ section of this blog (the page with pretentious black and white photo) you’ll notice that I occasionally contribute blog posts to Grrrblogr, which is a fantastic additional outlet for my [very occasional] misanthropy. My posts there are a lot shorter (like I’ve taken a pipette and extracted tiny, ranty droplets of this blog and then dropped them onto someone else’s).

So, to make up for the fact that I’ve been a bit slack writing my own blog lately, you can always check out Grrrblogr and read my thoughts on Tesco cashiers, average speed checks, overseas call centres, moronic drivers and old people at self-service supermarket tills. There you are, see, I wrote something!



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2 responses to “Wot, no blog posts?

  1. Klare

    I had wondered about the lack of posts but thankyou for the tip-off for the pipette droplets!

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