Zombies are still fashionable

OK, here’s the good news. Judging by the volume of fantastic photos being posted to the 4am Project‘s group pool on Flickr, Karen Strunks’ latest early morning photographic event is shaping up to be another well deserved success. The bad news is that my own 4am experience was scuppered by the following equation:

General lack of forward planning + two pints of Cobra with a lamb balti = inability to drive to anywhere inspiring.

I was stranded in my small village, the limited sights of which I’d already snapped during the first 4am Project last April. So I was left to search for inspiration outside my flat, which didn’t go particularly well.

With its tree lined perimeter and driveway, my flat is actually situated in rather picturesque grounds. And under cover of darkness it’s decidedly atmospheric. It’s the kind of place I’d expect to meet either a pipe-playing woodland satyr or a horse ripper lurking around in the bushes. I met neither. But I didn’t come across anything particularly inspiring either.

In fact, all I seemed to do for the whole hour – from 4am till 5am – was disturb sleeping birds with my torch, which squawked and flapped and panicked and darted into the darkness with every step I took. I had visions of Rex (the old man who lives in the cottage next door) venturing outside to investigate the commotion, before beating me to death with a spade. My 4am photo, taken through a blood spattered lens, might well have been a blurry shot of a bespectacled, angry pensioner landing the death blow on my shattered, mushy skull.

Still, that would certainly have been more exciting than the shots of the bins I spent fifteen minutes snapping, which were about as interesting as a photo of my toilet’s cistern at 4am in the morning.

Ironically, though, the only photo I took that was worthy of being uploaded to the 4am Project’s group pool on Flickr depicts a silhouetted zombie-like figure at the end of my driveway, whose very presence looks like it might invite a shower of frenzied blows from spade-wielding villagers attempting to halt the march of the undead.

Of course, the zombie is me. If you look closely at the photo, the slight tilt of my head was meant to convey the peace and solitude of the early morning hour as I looked out at the empty street. But instead it seems to convey: “Hmmmm…..BRAINS!”

One photo is hardly a significant contribution to the 4am Project, but I’m secretly quite chuffed with how it came out. And surprisingly, a few people have said some very nice things about it on Flickr. So┬áit was definitely worth waiting up till stupid o’clock in the morning to wander around in the dark with my camera. And let’s face it: zombies are still fashionable.


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