The results are in…

I recently mentioned that one of my photos had been selected in the final of a photography competition. Do you remember? I kept it very quiet. In fact, I only mentioned it once or twice. Anyway, the headline news is that, unsurprisingly, I didn’t win. My photo came sixth out of 24 finalists (after being selected from over 1500 submissions), which, as my good friend Emma Jones phrased it, means that it was in the top 0.4% of the whole world. (A truly beautiful piece of spin.)

Pushing aside the disappointment of not winning for a moment, the best thing about being in the running at all was the warm, fuzzy feeling I felt inside when so many lovely people began rallying round in support of me. The feeling was akin to someone capturing the essence of fleeting pleasure after a sphincter-loosening, explosive sneeze, which was then pumped into my system intravenously for three days straight. I was positively giddy on compliments and kind words.

I subsequently owe a massive debt of gratitude to my family, friends and wonderful Twitter chums (not to mention their families, friends and wonderful Twitter chums) for spreading word about the poll by e-mail, text, word of mouth, posts on Facebook, and regular tweets and RT’s on Twitter. Everyone – you all know who you are – did a wonderful job. I was very touched.

Judging by some of the comments my photo has received on Flickr (all very nice), it seems that I’ve taken a photo that’s the stuff of women’s nightmares (starring myself as a depraved predator, lurking in the shadows). One commenter said:

“I think you have captured every womans fear of being out in the dark, the lighting, shadows and you just standing there in the damp and cold, definetely a goosebump photo!”

If my photo had been taken into a company boardroom by an advertising executive, with the suggestion that it be used to promote a new range of rape alarms, I dare say I would’ve enjoyed some success with it.

Anyway, thanks again to everyone for all your kind help. And remember: stay out of the shadows (after all, I might be there).

Update: Four months after failing to claim victory in the 4am Project competition, my ‘zombie’ photo was published in the online section of the Guardian’s Weekend Readers’ Pictures (topic: ‘Night‘).



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2 responses to “The results are in…

  1. @willowfieldgirl

    It’s the slight tilt of your head that makes it so chilling Toots. The imagined calculating, contemplative stare of the psychopathic predator. Gives me the willies. On the plus side, while you’re out there, that means no one is inside guarding your lovely shutters x

    • andytoots

      Admittedly, the head tilt is a little creepy. But I was actually in the process of cultivating a look of childlike wonderment, as I breathed in the cold early morning air. (Actually, come to think of it, my photo might have been even scarier from the front.)

      Oh, and the shutters are under 24hr armed guard at an undisclosed location. Those guards have dogs and have been issued with a photo of you. I just hope they don’t start rounding up ten-year-old girls in sunglasses. x

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