A public announcement

Dear Readers,

Sod it, I’m just going to say it: I think this blog could have anything up to 15 regular readers. And some of those readers aren’t even related to me! That’s big news in my little world.

So before I get to the point of this public announcement, I just want to thank all you regular readers for stopping by every now and again to read (and hopefully enjoy) this rubbish. I know I’m not what you would call a prolific blogger, but it means an awful lot that some of you bother to read.

Anyway, assuming that some of you are indeed still reading this, I just wanted to say something about subscriptions. Some of you have been wonderful enough to subscribe to this blog, which means you get an e-mail alert every time I post something new. For you, the reader, it means you don’t have to keep checking back here every other day, only to discover that I haven’t written anything for three weeks (the posts will essentially come to you). And for me, seeing a new subscriber in the list makes me scream like an excitable teenage girl having her chest signed by Take That feel tough and important.

Reecently, however, I’ve been told by a couple of subscribers that they haven’t been receiving any e-mail updates about new posts, which I’m assuming is the case for all of you. To be honest, you haven’t missed much. The last couple of posts – judging by the zero comment count – haven’t set the world alight. But the e-mail notification issue still concerns me.

I think it’s some kind of problem with Feedburner, which handles the subscriptions. I’ve tried asking for help on a forum to try and correct the problem, but all the answers I’ve had so far have rambled on about “disabling plugins”. I’ve since binned the ‘Spring Meadow’ Ambi Pur in the bedroom and the Glade ‘White Tea & Lily’ in the hallway, but it doesn’t seem to have worked. I’m truly baffled.

So, here’s what I’ve done: I’ve now put a new subscription button on my blog (WordPress.com’s very own) instead of the Feedburner one. I’m not going to disable the actual Feedburner subscription list; I’m just replacing it for now with something that hopefully works!

Now, prepare yourselves for a request:

If any of you have subscribed to this blog through Feedburner (for e-mail updates), but haven’t been receiving notifications lately, would you be kind enough to re-subscribe with the new button? All you have to do his hit “Sign me up!” – and you’re done. Honestly, that’s it.

[Of course, if Feedburner starts working again and you end up receiving double notifications about new posts, please just drop me a line and I’ll unsubscribe you from one of them immediately.]

This isn’t a desperate, pathetic plea for new subscribers (well, not really), it’s just a measure to make sure that I don’t lose the lovely readers I already have.

Thanks for your time. (And if any of you are interested – 15 of you, at any rate – I’ll be publishing a new blog post later this afternoon.)





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3 responses to “A public announcement

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  2. @alexlj

    Google reader is the way forward 🙂

    • andytoots

      Hi Alex,

      When I read your comment, I thought: “Has she not seen the ‘Subscribe in a Reader’ widget I’ve got in the sidebar of the blog? The one that has Google reader as an option. The one…I appear to have inexplicably deleted. Oh.”

      So thank you for drawing my attention to my own stupidity! I’ve now corrected my error, but will give Google reader a try on its own rather than having it as just one of several reader options. Cheers!

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