A big thank you…

You might recall that I was growing a terribly embarrassing, weak-whiskered ‘tache for Movember. No? Well here’s the blog post I wrote about it. Read that first, then come back here.

Anyway, I’m pleased to announce that I raised a massive £170 for prostate cancer! Given that I was too shy to ask people for donations (and didn’t actually get fully started till the second week) it’s not too shameful a return. Apparently, it’s been a record breaking year for Movember fundraising globally, so I’m very pleased and proud that I can throw my little amount into a much bigger pot.

Anyway, I just wanted to publicly thank people for very kindly supporting me and donating their hard-earned money (a genuinely big deal in these austere times). What made the donations I received particularly amazing is that they were mostly from people I’m friends with on Twitter. People I’ve never even met in real life! People who ‘know’ me only through my miserable-looking avatar and the 140-character drivel in my timeline.

Yet these were the people who were kind enough to help me out and support me in what I was doing. So thank you to the following people (and for fucks sake, follow them on Twitter if you’re not already – because they’re the best):


And not forgetting my very lovely fiancée @clairapea (and her wonderful and very generous mum, dad, brother and sister-in-law). My ace sister @Klarryboo (and my fantastically supportive mum and dad). And my old Uni mate (and fellow Movemberite) Si.

I can’t thank you all enough.



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7 responses to “A big thank you…

  1. Bitzi

    Well done, petal. Fantastic total x

  2. LavaLeaMentoll

    Fabulous result I thought…moustache, maybe not so much 😉
    Very well done sir. 🙂

    • andytoots

      Thank you! And thanks for your very kind donation. The moustache was indeed rubbish. You’ll have no argument from me on that one!

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  4. Chris

    Well done Toots.

    I did this last year and only managed a meagre £10 from the wife who paid me to get rid of it.

    I looked like a German bus conductor.

    It wasn’t a good look.

    • andytoots

      Cheers, Mr K!

      I remember your Movember ‘tache last year. You looked like you could’ve played the young Josef Fritzl in a biopic of his life. (But you’d be the good Fritzl…before he went mental.)

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