A little bit about me…

Who am I?
To borrow the words of Charles Manson, “I’m nobody”.

What do I write about on here?
I ramble on about various things. Have a look through my archives if you’re curious.

Have I ever written anything for anyone else?
Funny you should ask. Yes, I once wrote a piece for Company magazine (Page 98 of the October 2010 ‘British Issue’, to be precise). If you don’t believe me, look here.

Anything else?
Er…no. My words aren’t in great demand unfortunately.

Can I be contacted?
Yes. If you want to get hold of me for any reason (assuming that reason isn’t to cyberstalk me, send me death threats, or generally hurl abuse) you can e-mail me. And if you’d like me to write anything for you, please get hold of me any way you can. Hire a skywriting team if necessary.


5 responses to “A little bit about me…

  1. Lisa

    Dear Andy,

    On BBC Radio 4’s You and Yours we’re looking at Rapid Reclaim – and wondered if we might talk to about your experience of the system (and how it works) – would you mind dropping me a line at the email above, ideally with a telephone number I (or a colleague) might contact you on?

    Many thanks,

  2. Nancy Anne McColl.

    Dear Andy, I’m so glad that I came accross your site. At 02-30 on January 2010, my sister & I were scraping the ice off the car for my sister to get home. In the middle of scraping the car we looked up, thinking, the police must be busy tonight as they’ve got the hellicopter out. Then another one appeared. the first one waited for the second one to catch up. Then in the background, we could see another one. They all came in a straight line & then veered off to their right & disappeared. My sister got in the car & left just as a fourth on came along, so I ran in & got my camera and managed to video the last one. It was really amazing to see. Just thought I’d let you know. I live outside Glasgow. p.s. HAPPY NEW YEAR.

    • andytoots

      Hi Nancy,

      First things first: Happy New Year to you, too!

      Thanks for leaving a comment about your experience. Given that it was only a couple of hours into the New Year when you saw the four lights in the sky, my first thought was that they might have been sky lanterns (released by New Year’s revellers partying into the night). Of course, this explanation falls down somewhat when you take into account the fact that the first light waited for the second one to catch up!

      Well done for having the presence of mind to grab a camera and film the last light. I’d love to see the video.

      Also, it might be worth submitting the details of your sighting (including the video) to UK UFO Sightings. You never know, someone else in the Glasgow area might have seen something similar. Let me know how you get on!

  3. You are a very bright individual!

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